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Drake 'Trust Issues' - Daniel de Bourg Cover


Just had to share this picture of what my dream man would look like. Ahhhhhhh, boy!

Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

If you've already been obsessed with the original version of this song, there's no doubt you'll love this one too. The brilliance of this song is unbelievable. 

Style Inspiration

Here's a tiny collection of my current my favorite style inspirations and key aspects linked to the pictures. I think it's important to combine the masculine with the feminine and all these women prove how well it can be done.

- All leather everything (nuff said)
- Black, black, black (ALWAYS)
- White basic items (oversized shirts, t-shirts etc.)
- Bomber jackets (don't go crazy with color)
- Sweatshirts (navy, black, grey)
- Hats (the bigger, the better)
- Denim (either skinny or boyfriend fitted jeans)
- Simple, but solid boots (think Stella McCartney Fall 2013)

Blue Everything

I've bought some really lovely items this past week. Yay to cloud blue this Spring.


I've found two perfect items on sale - these Acne Studios 100% linen t-shirts. They were originally 795 NOK, but on sale they're almost half the price at 477 NOK. I absolutely love the shape and length. I think it's important to invest in good quality basic items. So if you're looking for the perfect t-shirts for Spring & Summer season, these two beauties are undoubtedly great investments.

Just Go With It

Current musical obsessions. 

Ty Dolla $ign Feat. Wiz Khalifa - Irie

Kid Ink Feat. Chris Brown - Show Me

Marques Houston Feat. Problem - Give Your Love A Try (LoNes Remix)

Que - O.G. Bobby Johnson (Ryan Hemsworth Game Boy Advance Version)

T-Pain Feat. B.o.B - Up Down (Do This All Day)


7 Steps to Happiness

Think less, feel more.

Frown less, smile more. 

Talk less, listen more. 

Judge less, accept more. 

Watch less, do more.

Complain less, appreciate more.

Fear less, love more.


Past, Present, Future

The reason people
find it so hard to be happy
is that they always see
the past better than it was.
The present worse than it is.
And the future less resolved
than it will be.



Etsy Buys

Newly purchased jewellery from Etsy.

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